14 de diciembre de 2011

Christmas Song

5 de diciembre de 2011

Watch this funny video and enjoy with the Christmas songs

A song of Robin Hood

29 de noviembre de 2011

Listen to the song of Robin Hood

Robin Hood and the archery contest

Press on the image and listen or read a story of Robin Hood: the archery contest.

ROBIN HOOD at the theatre

A song: the 5 senses

9 de noviembre de 2011

Listen and learn this song about the five senses. 

The five senses

Press on the image and practise the vocabulary related to the 5 senses.

Classroom equipment

The students of 1st year made a revision of classroom objects with teacher Lucía, and here is the presentation of these objects.

My school

8 de noviembre de 2011

This is an activity of the parts of the school made by the students of 1st year with the teacher Lucía.

HALLOWEEN 2011 - Photo Album

4 de noviembre de 2011

Photos of the activities and games to celebrate Halloween

Halloween 2011 in CBM "San Cristóbal"

3 de noviembre de 2011

 Here we have our students of 1º and 2º having fun while celebrating Halloween.

This is Halloween...!!!

Spectacular light show on Halloween night !!!

Photos for the Peace Day 2011

18 de febrero de 2011

Look at these students of CBM San Cristóbal celebrating the Peace Day 2011.

A day in the farm

15 de febrero de 2011

Listen to the rhyme and do the different activities about farm animals

In the supermarket

11 de febrero de 2011

Learn the food with Gogo in the supermarket

The Elephant Song

9 de febrero de 2011

Listen to this funny song of different animals.

Animals eating animals

5 de febrero de 2011

Listen to the story about animals eating other animals

Brown bear !!

Listen to the tale about the animals and then do the activities and play the games.

More animals !!

Listen and repeat the names of animals with this amazing activity

Farm Animals

31 de enero de 2011

Find the farm animals corresponding to the name

Safari Album

Listen and take a photo of the animal you hear.

Food Market

29 de enero de 2011

Children of 1º Primary Education in CBM "San Cristóbal" selling and buying in a FOOD MARKET.

Weather maze

18 de enero de 2011

Practise the weather with this maze.


16 de enero de 2011

Learn the names of different animals with this activity

Old Mcdonald had a farm

Listen to the song about some farm animals.


Click on the snail, in the circle "food" -->    and listen to the boy presenting some foodThen, do the activities.
If you click on the butterfly, in the circle "food" -->you will find some more food and more activities.

The family

Another episode of Gogo´s to learn about the family.

Practise your English !

This is a link to revise basic vocabulary of many different word families.

Buy food in the supermarket !!

Play this game and buy all the food before time is over. Good luck !!

Fruit or vegetables ? Play the game

11 de enero de 2011

In this game you have to choose fruit or vegetables to put in the basket.  Go for it !!

Fruit and vegetables

Can you distinguish between fruit and vegetables?

Parts of the house

Listen and repeat the names of the different parts of the house.

The castle of English

Enter in the castle and find and learn the vocabulary hidden in the different rooms.

My house

7 de enero de 2011

In this activity you can revise the different parts of the house and some daily routines.

Christmas is "Moving" - Xmas Festival 2010 - CBM San Cristóbal

1 de enero de 2011

What a performance by the children of 1st year Primary Education in CBM San Cristóbal !!  Merry Christmas for all who follow this blog and best wishes for the New Year.